The ToolBox is a collection of (integrated) object-oriented C++ components like collections (dynamic array, hashtable list, ...), checksum calculation, XML-like and INI configuration, directory tool with recursion, simulation tool, and so on.

It is developed for Microsoft Visual Studio, but should mostly be ANSI C++.
It may be used for writing commercial software.


A JavaDoc-like documentation is also included.
This documentation has been generated using doxygen.

Contained tools/classes

  • ArrayList
  • Checksum
  • CommandLine
  • Config
  • Directory
  • Exception
  • Graph
  • HashMap
  • HashSet
  • HttpClientServer
  • LinkedList
  • Logger
  • MD5Hasher
  • MP3FileInfos
  • ProcessUtils
  • Profiler
  • Reference
  • Simulation
  • Stack
  • String
  • Wrappers


You can freely download and use the ToolBox.
For details, please see the usage terms contained in the download package.


Found a bug? Any suggestions for improval?
You can use the web tool improve! to give me some feedback.

Comments, suggestions, questions? Just write me a message.