Journey is a program to pack your suitcase. You can enter all the things to take along, sort them into categories, enter a quantity if you like, and finally print out the check list.

But the interesting thing about Journey is that the next time you plan your journey, you will start with all the things you took along in any previous trip, and you only have to choose which things to take again.

So you cannot forget anything anymore, if you have once put in your bags.


The first image shows the list of all items the user ever took with them.

From this list they planned the next journey (checked items). At some item, they also entered an amount.

In the next image you can see the properties of one such item.


Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server (but older versions Windows systems as well)

Download and purchase

You can download Journey for free to test it. Please take note of the Terms and Conditions, also contained in the download package.

Journey is available in English and in German.

However, Journey is shareware. After the trial period, I have to beg you to purchase a key code for 9.95 Euros (or the equivalent in your local currency). From the 2nd license on, you get 20% discount.

Note: All prices are end-consumer prices. There are no shipping costs.


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