In the past years I created a handful of applications, mainly for Windows, but also some web applications and libraries.

I use most of them myself and give them updates more or less frequently. If you have feedback, wishes, or issues, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Juke That!

Your Party Jukebox. Let your guests wish songs, unable to break anything, and the Automatic DJ takes care that the music never stops. Make your own Karaoke songs and share music.


A highly configurable and automatable backup tool and file and directory copying program, supporting scripts and drag-and-drop in the Windows Explorer.


AfterHour records the times for a set of tasks and thus supports an exact time capturing. With to-dos, comments, drag drop, and more.


A checklist tool for your baggage that automatically remembers all things of former journeys. Never again forget a thing!


Visualize your agile sprints on a calendar timeline. Show your team, which sprint is currently under development, which version is on production, and more.

Create mobile web app mocks in a snap and share them with colleagues and customers.


A tool to download MP3 files from other computers. It memorizes which songs you did not want. Next time you sync, MP3Get shows new songs only.


A multi log viewer with filtering and notification features. On startup it reopens all previously opened files. Java exceptions are grouped for a better overview.


Creates time plans according to the dependencies between a given set of tasks and their needs to occupy resources.


A free bug reporting and change request web application with email notification. improve! can be used with any browser.


A collection of object-oriented C++ tools, e.g. collections, XML-like configuration, strings, directory analysis, checksum calculation, and more.


Found a bug? Any suggestions for improval?
You can use the web tool improve! to give me some feedback.

Comments, suggestions, questions? Just write me a message.