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Sure you know many people that collect MP3s. When sharing them, you never know which files are new to you each time.

MP3Get helps here. It not only shows the MP3s owned by someone else and lets you select them for download, it also memorizes which songs you didn't want to have. Next time, they won't be shown again, no matter if you meet the same person or another one next time.

So you only see the files that are new for you since the last time you shared, even if many people are involved.


It is quite helpful to normalize the file names in advance. The tool runs faster then, because it does not have to analyze the MP3s, and you also have less duplicates.

To do so, use can use MP3Ren for instance, but it requires basic DOS knowledge. You can get MP3Ren at the antiques section.


Windows XP, Vista, 7, NT, 2000

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You can freely download MP3Get to test it. Please take note of the Terms and Conditions, also contained in the download package.

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However, MP3Get is shareware. After the trial period, I have to beg you to purchase a key code for 9.95 Euros (or the equivalent in your local currency). I also offer quantity discounts.

Note: All prices are end-consumer prices. There are no shipping costs.

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